Realization: screen curtain on = immortal battery life

I haven’t charged my iPod since Day 2 and it’s still at 45%. This is unreal. My battery is never going to die. It’s awesome.

FYI: it finally reached 10% by the end of Day 4.

Realization: haptic feedback would be beneficial

Using earbuds has been key to making this an enjoyable experience. For one, it saves the sanity of everyone around me by not having to listen as I fumble around in VO. Also, it ensures my password isn’t read aloud as I log into various accounts.

Most importantly, though, it makes navigating the device tremendously easier. I never realized how noisy every human is until I relied on audio to use my iPod.

I’m sure custom vibrations and alerts are amazing for VO iPhone users. I haven’t done enough research yet, so apologies if additional haptic feedback already exists. If not, I imagine there are numerous ways this could improve the UX for VO users.

Personal example: we went to see Bill Nye speak and during his presentation I was in the audience and wanted to check something on my iPod, but I didn’t want VO to distract people around me. Navigating with haptic feedback would have been super useful.